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Erican : #1 College In Kuala Lumpur


Erican College is a member of the Erican Education Group, an award-winning comprehensive education provider. Since its establishment in 1990, Erican Education Group has helped more than 200,000 students to obtain tertiary qualifications, language or life skills. Today, Erican College offers a comprehensive array of tertiary programmes to meet the demands of the modern competitive business world. Our programmes produce graduates who are well-equipped with the necessary skills to make them desirable and essential by the employers of their respective industries.

Below are some courses offered by Erican :

Tourism Management Course Kuala Lumpur – This programme is designed to equip students with hands on skills to excel in tourism industry. Through this practical course, students will learn the operational, consultancy and management aspects of the industry. Students are exposed to interesting employment opportunities with airlines companies, travelling agencies, airports, and entertainment industries.

Graphic Design Course Kuala Lumpur – This programme is designed to equip students with skills effective artistic skills in print and digital media including experimenting in the use of typography, illustration and photographic imagery. The module prepares students to learn fundamental principles of design and develop creative thinking skills for professional practices with the common use of graphic design in magazines, advertisements, product packaging and web design.

Hotel Management Course Kuala Lumpur – This programme covers the broad aspects from international hotels, restaurants and sales to owner-operated catering operations. The module qualifies you for employment across various specialization areas (front-office operations, housekeeping operations, food and beverage services, food production and customer relations) in Hotel industry. It has a practical focus with a strong theoretical, hands-on skills and business foundation.

Mass Communication Course Kuala Lumpur – This programme is designed to equip students with exceptional design, presentation, communication, writing and management skills to apply in the challenging and competitive public relations, advertising and broadcasting industry. It prepares students for competitive and high demand industries, which need for skilled professionals in the relevant areas of communication.